About GeckoPrint

A Long History in Print

GeckoPrint is a new name in print with a long pedigree with the Graphic Arts industry.

If you worked in the Sydney advertising industry and can remember a life without desktop publishing and PDF files you will all know the name Adtype.

In 1912, H.A. Viles was founded, specialising in hot metal typesetting. By 1973 it decided to change its name to Adtype. Through the days of type galleys, hot metal and manual cameras, Adtype Colour evolved into one of the most respected pre-press trade houses in Sydney.

Time never stands still in the graphic arts industry and pre press is no longer what it was and so in keeping with the long Adtype history it was decided to move the business into one that covers all aspects of printing.

Personalised Sticky Notes

To differentiate us from other printing companies we started manufacturing personalised sticky notes which we call GeckoPads.

GeckoPads is our niche product and GeckoPrint is the wider brand covering all aspects of printing.

For all those who new us and for those who have just discovered us via GeckoPads you can rest assured that the company has a long history with the printing industry and our staff are fully trained and experienced.

We are always coming up with new ideas and better ways to service our clients so browse through our web site and have a look at what we can offer.