Sticky Notes


With every order of a GeckoPads sticky notes office pack you will receive
250 branded sign here stickers and 250 with compliments slips FREE.

(With compliments slips size 125mm x 75mm in pads of 50)

GeckoPads Office Pack

Office Pack includes:
1. GeckoPad 75mm x 70mm x 120 pads (50 sheets per pad)
2. GeckoPad 75mm x 50mm x 60 pads (50 sheets per pad)
3. GeckoPad 100mm x 75mm x 120 pads (50 sheets per pad)
+ BONUS 250 branded Sign Here Stickers 25mm x 75mm
+ BONUS 250 branded With Compliments Slips 125mm x 75mm

only $660
Includes GST, artwork, 2-colour printing and delivery (within Australia)

Once your order has been received, you will receive a PDF for approval. After confirmation we will supply your order
within 10 days. Terms are COD and payment is required before dispatch (we will contact you for details).

The humble sticky note pad was born out of a mistake.

A man named Spencer Silver who worked for 3M was trying to make a super strong adhesive and instead made one that had a weaker tack to it and could easily be removed.

Four years later a colleague named Arthur Fry wanted a marker for his hymn book that did not keep falling out and so applied Silver’s glue to the paper and the first commercial application for the glue was born.

Now they are the most widely used product in offices and businesses around the world. They are popular with everyone so start using them as an effective marketing tool.

The logic is simple. You are paying for blank notes anyway – you are looking to expose your name to more people – those people are at some point in their working life sitting at a desk – they need to write a memo and stick it on a document or somewhere to remind them of something. Who’s name is staring them in the face? Who’s name will be read by several different pairs of eyes through the passage of a document? YOUR NAME!

GeckoPads have taken the humble sticky note one step further and can produce these notes in any size or colour you require (conditions apply).

Standard Pads

Size 100mm x 75mm – 25mm larger than the normal size pad.

Pads can be personalised to suit any requirement:

  • From the desk of…
  • With Compliments
  • Head Office details
  • Branch Office details

Junior Pads

Size 50mm x 75mm – Ideal for the smaller note.

Split Pads

Size [70mm x 75mm] + [25mm x 75mm] – Ideal for marking important reference points as well as making notes and reminders.

These pads can have a sign here sticker or attention sticker as part of the pad.

Contact our support team and we can advise the best solution for your office. Or request a quote below.