Pads with Covers

Looking for something that is different?

Something that sets you apart from your competitors… Something that lets you tell more of a story about your company… A handy long term marketing product that won’t blow a hole in your budget…

A GeckoPad with a full colour cover is the ideal promotional item for your business

Combining the useful standard GeckoPad and placing a hard bound cover around the pad you gain the added advantage of being able to introduce an image that relates to your business and tells more of a story about the services you offer. The inside of the cover is another area to utilise and the back cover is handy if you need to include a location map or more product details.

The benefit of this form of promotion is that it is simple, easy to understand and will not end up in the rubbish bin. It has a long visual life in a prominent place on the desk of the person who has a need of your services or product.

The GeckoPad with a cover has a nice feel about it and can be packaged into a cello pack for increased product enhancement.

Personalise your covers

It has long been recognised that personalisation brings a business a better response than a campaign aimed at the mass market.

Now exclusive to GeckoPads you can personalise your pad covers with your client’s name on each cover. How good is that? Imagine your customer getting a pad with a nice cover promoting your brand and in a prominent place is their name on the front.

Will they toss it out? Will it stay on their desk? Will your brand message be well received? You be the judge.