Corporate Christmas Cards

The most common place for you to receive Christmas cards is in the work place. Not only do you receive cards from the people you work with but also from the company itself or from your bosses. Sometimes you even receive a card from the president of the company.

Companies like to give out Christmas cards not only to their employees but also to their clients since this is the most cost-efficient way to show them that each person is important to the company. The cards the companies send out are not just ordinary cards since they usually make sure that the person receiving it knows exactly who it is from.

There are company Christmas cards that are more formal and include the Christmas tree or a symbol, drawing, or some picture in front and write a general greeting to everyone. There are others that dress up or design the company’s logo and use that on the front of each card. Others include the company’s name in the greeting itself instead of just writing the company as the sender. An example of this would be “Have a Merry (name of the company) Christmas!” or “May You Have a Happy (name of company) Holiday!”

Bigger companies usually do not put just one person to be in charge of the cards for the year. A committee works on them and of course, more people working on it, means more ideas to make the card a special and unique one. The more creative the group working on it and the more resources available to them, the more interesting or entertaining the company Christmas cards are.

Some companies have the officers of the company dress up in costume or with a Christmas set which is used as a greeting on the front of the card. There are those that come up with two different designs, one for the employees and another one for the customers. There are even those that have a group of employees sing a Christmas tune which is recorded and included in the card to make it a singing card. Others have the mascot or icon of the company as the main character on the card. There are some company logos that do not have a character or mascot identified with them. What these companies do is they take the most famous product they have and turn that into a mascot just for the Christmas cards.

There are all sorts of ways to customise the company Christmas cards, which is also usually easier since there are more resources and funds available for doing so. The options are limitless which allows the company to send out cards with a number of possibilities. They may be three dimensional with a pop up feature, a singing card, a more funny and entertaining one, or something more elegant. These personalised greetings are a good way to spread the love and wishes around to those the company values and at the same time advertise the company itself.

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