Business Card Wallet

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to write down something important, and scratched around for a piece of paper? Attended a function and someone asks for your business card? Usually it is both situations at once.

The GeckoPad Business Card Wallet allows you to discretely have on your person at all times something that allows you to write down important information like leads and phone numbers and give and receive business cards in any situation from social events to business conventions. Opportunities arise when you least expect them so it is important have a pad, pen and your business card on you at all times.

The GeckoPad wallet has been designed to include a handy little note pad 50mm x 75mm with 50 sheets per pad. The wallet will hold up to 30 business cards.

Customise with your branding

Designed to allow you to have your brand on the cover with your company details, it is the ideal corporate hand out for major events. When attending business meetings or networking functions you will have a longer lasting impact by handing around your business card wallet than the normal cards.

It is an ideal promotional gift and suits everyone from corporate to trades people. Anyone who does any form of business is always interacting with people at different levels, and in the most unlikely places, so being prepared to capture the slimmest lead and turn it into an opportunity is as important as having the best website or brochure.

Perfect for your sales team

Leads will come from all areas so make sure your business team are armed with the right tools to network efficiently.

The best thing about the Business card wallet is that the note pad is one of our GeckoPads so the captured information can be removed and placed on the opposite side of the wallet ready for the next lead. At the end of the day all leads can be imported into your data file or given to the appropriate person who is best suited to act on information you have collected.

The GeckoPad Business Card Wallet – never go out without it