Guide to Effective Flyer Printing

Full Colour vs Black and White Printing

It may seem obvious that using full colour flyer printing is better than using only black and white, yet a lot of businesses persist with the black and white option. While black and white is cheaper and easier to produce, using full-colour makes you look a lot more professional and a lot less desperate. Nobody wants to do business with a half-cocked desperado. Unfortunately that is the perception when you distribute black and white flyers to your potential customers, even if you are the best at what you do.

Target Your Audience

The golden rule of advertising is to target your audience with as much precision as possible. What do your customers look for in the product or service that you provide? This question needs to be answered on your flyer. In other words, your flyer needs to speak directly to your target audience and give them good reasons to respond to your printed advertisement. If you are selling reconditioned vacuum cleaners, for example, your flyer might want to mention that your product is thoroughly tested, comes with a warranty or money-back guarantee and other key benefits and risk minimising factors that will help the customer make a positive decision.


Make a Special Deal


If you are going to the trouble of producing flyers for your business, making a special exclusive offer to your flyer recipients can ensure a higher response rate. You could offer a discount, two for one deals or something for free as an incentive for your audience to act on the flyer.

It’s also a good idea to include a coupon code or a special offer ‘word’ or ‘password’ to signify that the response was from receiving a flyer. This makes it much easier to measure the success of your flyer campaign.


Get a Good Designer


Unless you run a design business yourself, it makes sense to hire a professional designer to produce your flyer design. Finding a great designer that understands your business is easier said than done, but essential for you to effectively conduct flyer campaigns. A good designer is available for you to quickly produce full colour designs as you need them. Establishing a good working relationship with a professional designer is one of the best things you can do for your business.


Find a Good Printing Specialist


As with finding a good designer for your flyer campaigns, you also need to find a good printer. Sure, you could buy a colour printer, but you’ll most likely find that the costs outweigh the benefits when compared to outsourcing your print runs.


Use Quality Paper with Glossy Finish


A large part of what makes your flyer effective is the quality of paper that it is printed on. Like opting to print in black and white, it’s a bad idea to compromise on paper and printing quality. The paper that your flyers are printed on need to be thick so that they are not so easily destroyed in the recipient’s possession. A special water resistant chemical coating can be used that creates an attractive “glossy” finish to your flyers that will also make them last longer.


Save Time Printing Online


There is a growing trend for printing businesses to make their services available for order online. This works by allowing customers to make their order and payment online and the website allows you to upload your artwork to then be printed. If your printer has these facilities available on their website, this method of getting your print jobs done (online printing) is much easier than making phone calls or making an appearance at the printer’s in person. You can save a lot of time and money if you are able to take advantage of the Internet to get your print jobs done by your chosen flyer printing service.