5 Great Ideas for Improving Postcards

Postcard printing campaigns are a standby marketing tool for most businesses. If you do not mail out postcards regularly, you should. No other marketing material is as effective for the money. Great postcards pull readers in without them even realising it because the message is right out in the open. So whether you’ve already discovered the amazing benefits of postcard printing or are new to this marketing magic, here are some tips to make your campaign successful.

Create an Incredible Theme

Creative and attractive cards may get attention, but it is the offer that generates sales. Before designing for postcard printing, you must come up with a great reason for mailing them.

Maybe you want to invite people to the lake to try out your water sports equipment for free. Perhaps you want to send invitations for a seminar with a famous guest speaker on a topic related to your industry. An auto mechanic might offer a free tune up to people who just moved into town. Try to think up an idea that would make people excited about getting your postcard.

Test Your Ideas

After coming up with an idea, test it out to see if people think it is a good one. Ask customers who come into your store if they would like an offer you are thinking about. Run your ideas by your friends. Ask other business owners who are not competitors if they like your idea. Talk to your friends and family and see what they think.

Be Specific

Do not generalize or be vague on your postcard. Tell readers what they need to know in clear language with as few words as possible. Use numerals instead of spelling out numbers. Substitute long words for short ones. Use bulleted lists rather than paragraphs.

Test for Clarity

Write out your postcard’s message on an index card before going to press. Ask strangers on the street who know nothing about your business to read your card. Give them three or four seconds to read and then ask them what the postcard’s message is. If they cannot easily answer you, rewrite the card and test again before sending to a postcard printing company.

Put the Offer on Both Sides

You never know which side of the card is going to be face up when a recipient first sees your postcard. Put the offer in large, bold type on both sides of the card. This way, you don’t risk your postcard being tossed because a recipient missed your main offer.