How to Flex Your Creative Mind

When you want to get into shape, you exercise your muscles and change your diet.  You work your abs, arms, legs, shoulders, back and start eating healthier. When you do this consistently and often, you gain energy, feel better, and look better.  Your life and work flows better.  Your confidence increases.

When you want new, fresh and inspiring ideas to help grow your business, bank account or relationships, you must exercise your right brain to stimulate a break-through.  Like our body, our mind and spirit thrive on exercise and stimulus.  When you are creative, you shift small business innovationthe continuity of your circumstance and sow the seeds of possibility.

However, in today’s economy and with the fast pace of change, we can easily become distracted,  overwhelmed and stuck in a rut – all of which can lead to a feeling of a loss of control as well as stress and anxiety about the future.

Coming up with creative ideas and taking the time to develop them nowadays seems like a luxury.  However, it’s not a luxury – it’s an essential life skill.  Our survival as human beings depends on it.

So, why not stay creatively fit all of the time and turn your circumstances into possibility, prosperity and positive change?

Set a creativity goal: What is it that you want to achieve when it comes to your ability to create, be creative or allow yourself the necessary time andenergy for creativity?  Set your goal, write it in the current state, as if you’ve already achieved it.  Post it where you can easily see it and be reminded of it every day.

Take baby steps: If you wanted to lose weight, you wouldn’t expect to drop 20 pounds overnight.  Same is true for your creativity goals – starting small is key to continued success.  Break your goal into baby steps for a more reasonable way of achieving what you set out to do.

Celebrate your small and large successes: As you achieve your goals (both baby steps and your big goal), be sure to set aside time to celebrate. Give yourself time to celebrate all that you have accomplished – even small celebrations signal that you are serious about achieving your goals and will reward yourself for all your efforts.

Maybe a nice walk or treating yourself in some way is all you need to reinforce and reward your results.  Celebrating successes gives us a little extra motivation.

The road to possibility, prosperity and positive change takes some intention.  Specifically, goal setting, breaking those goals into baby steps and celebrating both large and small successes will help you stay creatively fit.

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Author: Jeannine McGlade