Advertising – Make it Count and Measure the Results

1. Measure the Results

The first rule to remember before spending any of your dollars on advertising, is to ensure that you have a way in which you can accurately measure the results achieved against the expenditure. Ways to measure results include:- coupons that must be surrendered in order to receive rewards, competitions that have time limits, free-call ‘1 800’ numbers to ring in order to gain further information, etc…

2. Always include a ‘Call To Action’ or a Reason to Respond

The second rule to remember is that every advertisement must include a call to action or an offer. You must create a reason and some credible urgency for the potential customer, and entice them to respond quickly to your advertisement.

3. Be Different

The third rule to remember is to use the ad to be different. Attract attention. One of the common elements in many highly successful ads is that they take a fresh approach that surprises people. Think of the ads that you remember. Also don’t underestimate the effectiveness of photographs and graphics, or written testimonials from satisfied customers. People love the personal touch.

4. Negotiate your Advertising Dollar

Use the amount you are spending with a newspaper or publication to get some editorial coverage or access to a database for a direct mailout. The more you spend with a publication, the more important you are to them and the more that they will support you. Don’t miss this opportunity because you didn’t ask for it. They rarely offer such support but it is there if you ask for it.

5. Stick to a winning formula

Don’t get bored with a successful ad – just because you see it more often than your customers, does not mean that it is becoming boring or less effective. If it works, keep doing more of the same, but ALWAYS measure the results. The best way to see if any advertising campaign is working is to measure the results. This ensures you make an educated decision when to change.

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