In every office throughout the world someone is using a sticky memo pad to write a reminder or mark a page or attach an instruction to a document.

Use the GeckoPad as a combination of general office use and marketing promotion.

Like a business card, GeckoPads can produce a personalised pad for all senior managers and staff.

From the desk of John Smith Senior Tax Partner

Geckopads can provide a combination set that will satisfy the needs of smaller companies.

A. Standard GeckoPads

Size 100mm x 75mm – 25mm larger than the normal size pad

B. Junior GeckoPads

Size 50mm x 75mm

C. Split GeckoPads

75mm x 75mm with a 25mm x 75mm strip along side the larger pad ideal for small notes and page marking.

If you can see another application for GeckoPads as an internal office tool that might improve your administration or training, contact us with more detail.