GeckoPads are an ideal product to use for fundraising.

How often are you asked to buy a pen to raise money for a charity? Why not buy a sticky note pad? Both products are used everyday in the home and office.

The best reason to use GeckoPads is that they will market your organisation as well as raise money at the same time. A 50 page GeckoPads will have 50 times more impact than one pen.

GeckoPads are non fattening and can be recycled. They have a long shelf life and have no time limits for selling. We have a standard formula for our pads or we can adapt the product to different ideas to suit each organisation.

Ideal for schools & sporting clubs

GeckoPads are ideal for schools and can be sold in the shop as a branded stationery item raising money with every sale. Sell packs of pads at every home game in the canteen and help grow the club’s revenue.

Make your fundraising work for you and promote yourself and raise money at the same time.


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